Voles and Mice in Calgary

Posted on: June 25th, 2015 by admin
Voles and mice continue to be a major pest in the greater Calgary area.  Now with the warmer weather, we are busy eliminating spiders and ants, so people can enjoy the yard.  Some wasp calls are starting to come in as well.  It is hard to say how... [read more]

Added to our fleet to serve you even better!

Posted on: April 13th, 2015 by admin
... [read more]

Vole damage

Posted on: April 9th, 2015 by admin
As the weather improves, the snow melts and people venture to inspect their yards, they find how busy the voles were over the winter. check out some pictures of vole damage that you may encounter in your yard. If you have any questions about c... [read more]

Bedbugs, know your enemy-2

Posted on: April 9th, 2015 by admin
Know more about the bedbug, how they feed, where they live and how they mate.  This will help to maybe spot an infestations before it gets out of hand.  Bedbugs prefer human blood. That is all nothing else. They will feed on other mammals and bird... [read more]


Posted on: February 19th, 2015 by admin
Well, we are having just fantastic weather these days.  I for one hope it will stay like this.  As the snow is melting in your yard, you may notice some unusual stuff going on.  You may have noticed some of this last year, but now it is much wors... [read more]

Bedbugs Know your Enemy

Posted on: February 10th, 2015 by admin
Personal Health Keeping Those Bed Bugs From Biting By JANE E. BRODY Published: April 13, 2009 Throughout my early childhood I was tucked into bed with a gentle admonition: “Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Not that my... [read more]

In Bedbugs, Scientists See a Model of Evolution

Posted on: February 10th, 2015 by admin
Science FEB. 5, 2015 Photo   Scientists are struggling to learn more about bedbugs, which have returned with a vengeance in recent years, partly because they have evolved resistance to pesticides. Credit Chad Batka for The Ne... [read more]

Ants Being Studied for Ability to Handle Traffic

Posted on: January 29th, 2015 by admin
Nagar, from the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, says he got interested in the topic when he came across a study by German and Indian researchers showing that ants running along a path were able to maintain a steady speed even when ... [read more]

Rat Hotline Encourages Rodent Reporting in Alberta

Posted on: January 28th, 2015 by admin
Alberta Agriculture has set up a toll-free number to report rats in an effort to keep the destructive rodents out of the province.  The toll-free number, 310-RATS (7287), lets people report sightings of the pest. The province prided itself for... [read more]

Cedarbrae Community Business of the month

Posted on: November 8th, 2014 by admin
Absolute Pest Control is the business of the month of November! Read the article here: Business of the month . The publishing of this article is pretty timely as many home owners are looking to prevent voles from damaging their lawns and trees agai... [read more]

Testimonial from Adam

Posted on: July 30th, 2014 by admin
Name: adam Email:   Feedback: I called and talked to Conrad, he gave me some excellent tips of what I could do myself before calling in the pros. I appreciate that he was honest and didn’t just come to charge me for something minor.  

Kudos for Vic from Customer

Posted on: July 25th, 2014 by admin
Hi  Vic: I just wanted to send you a quick note to say, thank you very much for your work at our house, last weekend.  You did an excellent job.  Since your visit we have not seen any ants  or spiders at all.   Your provided some of the best ... [read more]