Now is the time to install a Yellow Jacket Wasp Rescue Bag.

Posted on: June 5th, 2014 by admin
having one or two bags installed in your yard, will certainly prevent a few nests from being built this summer. Check it out, the wasps are highly attracted to the bag, which will trap them. Dispose of bag when it is full.    

Found another start-up in the BBQ

Posted on: June 4th, 2014 by admin
... [read more]

First wasp nest found and dissected

Posted on: June 3rd, 2014 by admin
I found a new wasp nest in my compost on the weekend. I dissected it for you. Check it out.  

Huge swarms of Wasps sighted in NE Calgary!

Posted on: May 29th, 2014 by admin
  If this is an indication of what is in store for this summer.  Brace yourself.  This will be another big wasp season just like last year, where we did multiple nests 90 % of the call outs. Wasp bags could prevent a invasion in your yard... [read more]

Cosmetics pesticide use will be history by 2015 in Manitoba

Posted on: May 27th, 2014 by admin
The Manitoba government has moved forward on its pledge to introduce legislation banning the use of synthetic chemical pesticides on school, daycare and hospital grounds, as well as on lawns. The legislation, which is expected to take effect in 201... [read more]

Lyme Disease Still a Controversial Diagnosis, as Alberta Cases Climb Global News, May 19, 2014

Posted on: May 27th, 2014 by admin
CALGARY- Alberta Health officials are once again warning people to be on the lookout for ticks. Last year, the province collected and analyzed 960 ticks, and found burgdorferi bacteria. The bacteria most commonly linked to Lyme disease is present i... [read more]

Carpenter Ants are on the rise

Posted on: May 25th, 2014 by admin
Even the fact that railway Ties are usually treated with a preservative, over the years it will diminish and start to rot and then attract wood boring insects like Carpenter ants.

BBB Torch Award for Ethics

Posted on: May 19th, 2014 by admin
In recognition of Absolute Pest Control Inc. as along-standing accredited Business for: 10 Years of Ethical Enterprise! presented this January 2014 Torch Award BBB

Severe Vole problems in and around Calgary this spring of 2014

Posted on: December 27th, 2013 by admin
Vole Control by Absolute Pest ControlThe Meadow Vole is an herbivore, feeding mainly on the grasses that are abundant in its environment. The meadow vole can reproduce multiple times each year. Average females have between one and five litters in a ... [read more]

Ants nests make for interesting art

Posted on: December 27th, 2013 by admin
Molten Aluminum Makes Casts of Ant Nest

New species of Cockroach Wasp discovered.

Posted on: December 27th, 2013 by admin
If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series, you probably remember the dementors: dark, ghost-like beings that suck every positive feeling away leaving nothing but an empty shell. These awful creatures have now made the transition from fantasy ... [read more]