In Canada, there are many different types of spiders. With over 3,000 found in North America many are considered pests. Spiders are recognized by their eight legs and eight eyes, with a round body.  There are three main types of spiders that you will find in Calgary; the brown recluse, female black widow, and daddy long leg spider. All spiders are predators and feed on mainly insects.

They become bothersome when they build their webs on homes and gather dust and debris after the spider has left. Spider webbing can accumulate over time and become sticky and dishevelled, making it difficult to remove. Some spiders such as the black widow and brown recluse are venomous which can be dangerous for humans and our pets. If you believe you have either of these spiders in your home, please call us right away. If you have been bitten by accident, seek out medial attention immediately.

Spiders can be found in any corner of your home, inside and out where it is suitable for them to make their webs. It is more common to find them in garages, basements, or crawl spaces. They seek areas that have less disturbances and traffic. You may also find spiders in boxes or product you have bought from a grocery store.


To treat the spiders, the technician will work on the exterior of your property. Using a liquid insecticide, we spray the perimeter of your foundation up to 6 feet high. The technician will also give attention to the window wells, deck, patio, porches, play structures, mulch beds, and fence. By eliminating them at their source, we can keep them from invading your home or living space. Once we treat the exterior, you can vacuum the spiders that you may find inside and then no more should enter inside.

If you notice that there is significant spider activity higher on your house, we suggest using your garden hose and spray down all the webbing the day before treatment. This will increase the effectiveness of the application. Our service is guaranteed for 90 days after your service appointment.

If you have any questions about the spiders on your property or would like to book a service appointment, please give us a call at (403) 238-7400 or email us at info@apcpestfree.com.

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