Wasps are a common insect in Calgary and can be quite the nuisance with their stinging habits. They are despised at an outdoor function. Unlike bees, they have a shinier, hairless exterior and can sting their victim multiple times. This can be quite dangerous for those that are allergic to their venom.

Wasps live in colonies and are often sighted in the summer and early fall months. Wasps can construct mud nests, papery nests from masticated plant matter, or nest in the ground. They can be quite territorial and aggressive. Wasps like to feed on nectar, fruit juices, and honeydew from plants. However, the wasps that Calgarians usually encounter are primarily carnivorous scavengers that will prey on other insects. Therefore, they are drawn to human activities where food or garbage is present.

Although they do not cause too much structural damage to houses or buildings, they may be an annoyance and interfere with your activities outside. Most wasps are not aggressive and will only sting when provoked or while protecting their nest.


Our trained and knowledgeable technicians can help you deal with a wasp nest easily and efficiently. We use an insecticide dust and inject it directly into the nest. This will kill the wasps usually within the hour and the service is guaranteed for the rest of the year.

If you notice wasps have build a nest on your property and you would like us to help remove it, please give us a call at (403) 238-7400 to book your service appointment right away.

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