Ground Squirrel & Northern Pocket Gopher


Richardson’s Ground Squirrel, or more commonly known as a gopher, or prairie gopher, is a burrowing rodent that dwells in colonies. They can be often found on pastures, cropland, and parkland regions around Calgary. The adults are 12 inches long with dark brown upper side and tan coat underneath. They have a short tail that is constantly trembling, which is why they are often called the ‘flickertail’. Ground squirrels also hibernate during the winter months.

Gophers can cause a significant amount of damage by burrowing. The holes and dirt mounds can cause damage to mowers and become a stepping hazard to people and pets.


Northern Pocket Gophers are a rodent that lives underground in tunnels. They are a solitary animal that can cause damage to trees and shrubs through feeding on roots and tubers. Their tunnels can also cause extensive damage with large dirt mounds. The pocket gopher does not hibernate and offspring are raised underground in a nesting chamber.


Absolute Pest Control will begin by inspecting the exterior of your property and assessing the extent of the infestation. We use two different methods to treat the area: Baiting the burrow and above ground bait stations.

An anti-coagulant poison is used to bait the burrow. This is a short-term tactic as the bait is exposed to the elements and can deteriorate. Once the gopher ingests the poison, it will cause death within three to five days.

Bait stations are also used as an effective long term and preventative approach. The bait stations protect the bait for an extended period of time and expose rodents 50 to 100 feet away.

All the work we complete is crucial to achieving full control of your property and are noted in our service report. The service report and invoice are directly e-mailed to you from the technician prior to leaving the property.

To receive a free consultation and quote based on your level of infestation and size of property, please call (403) 238-7400. We can customize a program fit for your needs and pest issue.

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